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     This is our translation service, which is only done by sworn translators and which requires legal responsibility. 

    All of your international commercial needs are evaluated in this category. We offer the best service with our experienced and expert translators, who are experienced on the subject of commercial translation, in order to enable you to enter new markets, and maintain your available international relationships smoothly and free of misunderstandings.

All kind of Commercial Documents Certificates of Activity
Commercial Registry Gazette Tender Specifications
Export / Import Documents Insurance Policies
Feasibility Study / Report International Commitments
Foreign Trade Documents Bids
Invoices Accounting Tables
Proforma Invoices
Equity Capital Researches
Customs Documents Company Credits
Annual Balance Sheets Correspondences
Profit and Loss Account Statements Protocols
Tenders Circular of Signature
Agreements Financial Reports
Investment and Growth Reports / Projects


      This translation service include the subject of laws and regulations, court judgments, legal writings, letter of attorneys, contracts, statements, job offers and patent applications.

All kinds of Legal Documents Identity Card Copies
Legal Correspondence Written Notices
Letter of Attorney Marriage Certificates
Laws and Legislations Marriage License
Legal Contracts Annulment of Marriages
Legal Estate Purchases Court Judgements
Purchase Agreements Statements
Written Engagements


    Documents which have specific technical terminology are regarded in this category. Our fully-equipped and experienced translators are at your service to ensure precise translations of your projects and documents.

All kind of Technical Documents and Texts Technical Manuals
Technical Manuals TSE Documents
ISO Documents  


    All kinds of audio and video recordings recorded in seminars, meetings, conferences and in various medias, like CD, DVD or any other format, are deciphered and delivered to you in writing.

   All of your academic texts are translated by our experienced translators who are competent and have the sufficient terminology, with the principle of completing on time.

Studies Homeworks
Articles Information sources, classroom notes
Presentations, Summaries Ph. D, master and expertise

   The translations of catalogs and brochures, where you promote any of your products are considered in this field. We are at your service to promote your products abroad with the best possible way.

    This is our translation service that requires expertise in subjects of art. All kinds of art and literature translations are done by our translators who are experts in their fields.

Books and scripts Poems and philoshophical texts
Historical and touristic texts Local texts, country brochures
Presentations, summaries  

    All of your medical-thematic translation needs are, within medical sense of decency, fulfilled by our translators, who are experts at medical subjects.

All Kinds of Medical Documents, Texts Medical Reports
Prospectuses Prescriptions
Medical Articles Analysis Results
Clinical Reports  

    This is the service where our expert editors control the translations made in any language and field. Since the concept of language is a subjective one, corrections requested by our customers are important for us.

     Today, having web sites, catalogues and brochures in more than one language has become a necessity as well as a matter of credibility. With the help of these kinds of translations, you can increase credibility in domestic sector, and you can also increase your work potential and market share abroad.
       Localization, on the other hand, requires going beyond the translation, taking the intended message, and making it compatible with a new culture, taking into account the cultural differences, and maintaining the efficiency of the message itself all the while.

                 Analiz Translation Office offers both services to its customers with its expert and experienced translators.